Conservation Ecology

Conserving All Levels of Life

I have always been inspired by the Native American philosophy of harmony with Nature. I seek to carry this work over to my studies of ecology and conservation biology. That the Earth is a biosphere with many forms of life from the cellular to the global. I seek to apply Bayesian modeling, remote sensing, and classic field studies to promote a world in which society and science can work to create a sustainable future for all life.


Predicting Biodiversity with Generalized Joint Attribute Models (PBGJAM)

Community Ecology
Climate Change
Bayesian Modeling
Remote Sensing
PBGJAM is an interactive web-based tool that provides forecasts of species and community responses to climate change for birds, plants, small mammals, and insects. It incorporates data from the Breeding Bird Survey (BBS), the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON), eBird, and the US Forest Inventory Analysis (FIA).
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Mentors and Advisors

None of my research would be possible without these mentors and advisers
Jim Clark
PhD Adviser

James S. Clark is Nicholas Professor of the Nicholas School of the Environment and Professor of Statistical Science.

John Parnell
Msc Advisor

John Parnell is a renowned Tropical Plant Systemist, working specifically in Thailand. He is a Fellow of TCD (1990- ).

Robert Smith

Robert Smith's research focuses on the intersection of climate and life-history, studying the effects of these on birds.

Jennifer Swenson
PhD Committee

Jennifer Swenson studies ecological and human-induced changes with remote sensing and geospatial analysis.

Jean Philippe Gibert
PhD Committee

Jean Philippe studies how phenotypic traits and their evolution determine species network of interactions and food webs.

Field Notes

Partners and Sponsors

Progress could not occur without the support of these organizations